Quality Control

Quality is of paramount importance to us. Our employees always keep an eye for the quality of your products. We possess a range of measurement equipment, with which we can guarantee the quality. Below a list of our measurement equipment’s with a short description.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

We use our coordinate measuring machine (CMM), the Mitutoyo Euro M574, to 3D measure and digitalise products. With the Mitutoyo Euro M574 we have a measuring range of 500x700x400mm.

Hardness meter

We can test the Rockwell Hardness of materials with our CV Instruments 600-A.

Laser scan micrometer

Laser scanning is a non-contact measuring system with high precision. We have the measuring unit LSM-506S of Mitutoyo, combined with a LSM-6200 display unit. The measuring range is from 1mm until 60mm.

Measure microscope

To measure small objects, we use the Mitutoyo 176-824D.

Mitutoyo Contracer CV-2100

With our Mitutoyo Contracer CV-2100 we can very accurately measure contour profiles of our aluminium / plastic turned and milled parts.

Roughness meter

We can check the surface roughness of products with the Mitutoyo SJ-201.

Roundness Meter

The Mitutoyo Roundtest 1500 is used for scanning cilindricity, whereby the accompanying software creates a graphic 3D model. De roundness meter has a very low spindle error of only 0,02μm, which makes the measurements very accurate.

Vertical Bench Top Optical Comparator

To accurately measure and see small objects, we make use of a Vertical Bench Top Optical Comparator from Starrett (VB300).