Turning and milling

General information

Our machine park is very comprehensive. We possess several multitask machines and 5-axis millings with automatic loading, a material cutting department and a diverse range of lathes and milling machines. Information is displayed below about materials we work with and tolerances we offer. At our webpage Products (Click here) you can see our possibilities. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!


Our speciality is machining aluminum and plastics, which includes approximately 75% of our work. 

Examples of materials we machine:


alloy 1050, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2024, 2618, 4032, 
5083, 6012, 6026, 6060, 6061, 6082, 6262,

ABS grey RAL7032, HMPE500, Nylon PA 6.6 glass filled, 
Nylon PA 6, PC PolyCarbonate, PETP, POM, POM-LX,
PVC gray / black / red

1.2379, 16MnCr5, 9SMn28K, 9SMnPb28K, C22.8N, C45, 
ETG-88, ETG-100, ST35, ST37, silver steel 1.2210
Stainless Steel  
RVS303, RVS430F 
MS58, MS63
alumniumbrons CuAl10Ni5Fe4, RG7, RG10, RG12



Measurements up to one μm accuracy fall within the possibilities. Please provide your specifications when placing an order.

Quality Control

Quality is of paramount importance to us. Our employees always keep an eye for the quality of your products. We possess a range of measurement equipment, with which we can guarantee the quality. Below a list of our measurement equipment’s with a short description.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

We use our coordinate measuring machine (CMM), the Mitutoyo Euro M574, to 3D measure and digitalise products. With the Mitutoyo Euro M574 we have a measuring range of 500x700x400mm.

Hardness meter

We can test the Rockwell Hardness of materials with our CV Instruments 600-A.

Laser scan micrometer

Laser scanning is a non-contact measuring system with high precision. We have the measuring unit LSM-506S of Mitutoyo, combined with a LSM-6200 display unit. The measuring range is from 1mm until 60mm.

Measure microscope

To measure small objects, we use the Mitutoyo 176-824D.

Mitutoyo Contracer CV-2100

With our Mitutoyo Contracer CV-2100 we can very accurately measure contour profiles of our aluminium / plastic turned and milled parts.

Roughness meter

We can check the surface roughness of products with the Mitutoyo SJ-201.

Roundness Meter

The Mitutoyo Roundtest 1500 is used for scanning cilindricity, whereby the accompanying software creates a graphic 3D model. De roundness meter has a very low spindle error of only 0,02μm, which makes the measurements very accurate.

Vertical Bench Top Optical Comparator

To accurately measure and see small objects, we make use of a Vertical Bench Top Optical Comparator from Starrett (VB300). 

Finishing processes


Besides machining your products we also take care of the following finishing processes of your products in-house.

Surface grinding

Surface grinding of products using our Huvema HU818ASD, which is only used for finishing.

Keyway broaching

Finishing process to provide parts with a keyway. For this we use our MECO 80 CNC.

Laser marking

To laser mark products we use a Telesis EVC laser marking system. With this laser system we can provide your products with desired logos, serial numbers and/or various characters.


To engrave your products we use a SIC C151 & SIC C153. This is particularly used for steel products, on which the mark has to be permanently visible.

Vibratory finishing

We possess four rotary vibrators of the brand Rösler; 2x Rösler R125 EC, 1x Rösler R220 EC en 1x Rösler R180/530. The vibratory finishing machines are used for de-burring and cleaning of rough materials, after it is cut to size.


To offer a complete as possible product we can arrange the following finishing processes for you through our carefully selected network of reliable suppliers.


Your (aliminium) products colored? This is no problem at all and we like to take care of this for you.

Heat treatments

Various heat treatments are possible, for example case hardening and vacuum hardening.

Cleanroom packaging

Galvanizing / Chrome plating

Assembly & Packing


Besides the machining and abundant finishing processes, we also offer the assembly of multiple parts. Should a screw be attached in a screw-thread? Is it required that two or more products are attached to each other? We can arrange this for you. We have enough space to handle various assembly jobs. For examples see the pictures below.


When your products are ready for delivery, we will package them according to your requirements. Certain products can be well supplied in bulk, however some products are fragile and sensitive for damage due to sharp edges or stud. We carefully package your products so they will be delivered to you undamaged. If you have special requirements for packaging, please contact us.