Finishing processes


Besides machining your products we also take care of the following finishing processes of your products in-house.

Surface grinding

Surface grinding of products using our Huvema HU818ASD, which is only used for finishing.

Keyway broaching

Finishing process to provide parts with a keyway. For this we use our MECO 80 CNC.

Laser marking

To laser mark products we use a Telesis EVC laser marking system. With this laser system we can provide your products with desired logos, serial numbers and/or various characters.


To engrave your products we use a SIC C151 & SIC C153. This is particularly used for steel products, on which the mark has to be permanently visible.

Vibratory finishing

We possess four rotary vibrators of the brand Rösler; 2x Rösler R125 EC, 1x Rösler R220 EC en 1x Rösler R180/530. The vibratory finishing machines are used for de-burring and cleaning of rough materials, after it is cut to size.


To offer a complete as possible product we can arrange the following finishing processes for you through our carefully selected network of reliable suppliers.


Your (aliminium) products colored? This is no problem at all and we like to take care of this for you.

Heat treatments

Various heat treatments are possible, for example case hardening and vacuum hardening.

Cleanroom packaging

Galvanizing / Chrome plating